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Professor Oak Quest Part 3 (8)

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 Professor Oak Quest Part 3 (8)

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PostSubject: Professor Oak Quest Part 3 (8)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:23 pm

Professor Oak Quest Parte 3

3,000 de experiência

NPC: Professor Oak

Localization: Pallet  


Required Item:
- water pendant
- pot of lava
- pot of moss bug
- electric box
- sandbag
- bulb
- traces of ghost
- future orb
- stone orb
- bug venom
- fur
- ice orb
- belt of champion
- feather
- ruby


1)Fale com o Professor Oak novamente e ele lhe pedirá uma lista com vários items.
2)Consiga os itens em pokemons ou comprando de algum player e entregue a ele para conseguir sua recompensa.
1) Talk to Professor Oak again and he will ask you a list with several items.
2) Get the items on Pokemon or buying some other player and given to him to get your reward.


1) Professor Oak - Hi , Help , Yes.
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Professor Oak Quest Part 3 (8)
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