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Kabuto and Omanyte (55)

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 Kabuto and Omanyte (55)

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PostSubject: Kabuto and Omanyte (55)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:13 pm

Kabuto and Omanyte quest

Kabuto ou Omanyte

NPC: Ewan

Localization: Pewter  


Required Item:
- Dome Fóssil ou Helix Fóssil
- Completar Bill Quest Parte 4


1)Vá até o 2º andar do Museu de Pewter e fale com o Ewan, entregue à ele o Dome Fóssil ou Helix Fóssil, 1,000 dollars e 5 rock stones para ele reviver um Kabuto ou Omanyte.
2)Atenção: Kabuto é feito com Dome Fóssil e Omanyte é feito com Helix Fóssil

1) Go to the 2nd floor of the Museum of Pewter and talk to Ewan, he delivered to the Dome Fossil or Helix Fossil, 1,000 dollars and 5 rock stones at him revive a Kabuto or Omanyte.
2) Warning: Kabuto is done with and Omanyte Dome Fossil is made with Helix Fossil


1) Ewan - HI , dome fóssil , Yes.
2) Ewan - Hi , helix fóssil , Yes.

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Kabuto and Omanyte (55)
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