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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 4 End ( english )

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 FireRed/LeafGreen Part 4 End ( english )

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PostSubject: FireRed/LeafGreen Part 4 End ( english )   Fri May 16, 2014 9:33 am

At the entrance of the island has a cave , but there is nothing there, a forthcoming visits to the Sevii Islands back here . In the third island between the Pokemon Center and talk to the guy on the PC side to be able to move him ( he was doing the binding of Kanto Pokémon Centers with the Sevii ) . Then exit the center and face men bike ( which are actually bikers ) to be able to go north , there are several men and at once , they only have Grimer and Koffing and their evolutions in lvs.37 -39 . Defeat them to move north .

After defeating the bikers , talk to the guys nearby. Bring a Pokemon that has your Surf and Cut , proceed north . Follow the trail left by the fighting with coaches and picking up items until you reach a forest ( Forest Berry ) , check paving the way toward the north- left, but while exploring the forest.

Find a girl who is attacked by a Lv.30 Hypno . Win or capture the Hypno able to return to Kanto . The girl is the one that was missing , you will return to the second island , in the little house where you can play games with other people via Wireless Adapter . Contact Lostelle father , remembers the Meteorite you won the Bill when I was with Celio ? Deliver it to the father of the girl and get a Moon Stone .

After having explored the 3 islands , go back to the first island , then talk to Bill there, it will take you to devolta Cinnabar . He will mention that if you want to return to the islands of the Sevii Islands , just go in the port city of Vermilion .

Now we're in Kanto again , fly to Viridian . Viridian is now a city with a gym , for those who do not remember where it is , lies in the north - law of the city . The gym is full of those arrows that take you ( remember the base of the Rockets ? ) , But it is quite simple to pass. The leader of the Rockets is that Giovanni is the leader of this gym.

Leader Giovanni - Type Land

Rhyhorn lv.45

Dugtrio lv.42

Nidoking lv.45

Nidoqueen lv.44

Rhyhorn lv.50

Defeat him to win the EarthBadge and TM 26 - Earthquake . Now you have eight badges and can finally go to the League .

You must exit to the left of Viridian going routes 22 and 23. Viridian These routes connecting to the Victory Road . You must fight with Gary for the penultimate time here and it will be nearly as strong as in the league . If you beat him easily , you are prepared for the league.

Gary - If you started with Bulbasaur :

Pidgeot lv.47
Rhyhorn lv.45
Gyarados lv.45
Exeggcute lv.45
Alakazam lv.47
Charizard lv.53

Gary - If you started with Squirtle :

Pidgeot lv.47
Rhyhorn lv.45
Growlithe lv.45
Gyarados lv.45
Alakazam lv.47
Venusaur lv.53

Gary - If you started with Charmander :

Pidgeot lv.47
Rhyhorn lv.45
Exeggcute lv.45
Growlithe lv.45
Alakazam lv.47
Blastoise lv.53

When you enter Route 23 , you must submit their ensigns for each guard to the last , where at the end there will be a cave , enter the cave and bring a Pokemon that knows Strength and use Surf .

Finally you got there , the coolest cave game. You will use Strength here . Also see several coaches to fight and capture the various Pokémon . Before the Moltres lived there, but now he is living in the Sevii Islands , so there is nothing to do here , just find a clear exit and fight coaches and pick up items . To exit , simply push the stones up the white buttons on the floor. Go through the entire cave, there are the maps :

When you leave there, you will be at Indigo Plateau , the league pokémon is right there . A note : It is important at this point of the game , having already captured 60 Pokemon because it is important to not have problems later when you receive a new Pokédex .

Here is where is the Pokémon League . You will face five difficult and should win all battles to finally "finish " the game . Pass the Pokémon Center , staff berries in your Pokemon and buy several items such as Full Restore , Revive and Max Potion, as you will need . Here are the Pokemon League and Gary , always remembering that the strongest Pokémon of each will be equipped with a Sitrus Berry ! And if you leave the HP of one Pokémon too low, they will use Full Restore ... Stand with your Pokemon to at least lv.65 and save your game before entering. You can not go back to the Pokemon Center between battles .

Elite 4 Lorelei - Type Water / Ice

Dewgong lv.52

Cloyster lv.51

Slowbro lv.52

Jynx lv.54

Lapras lv.54

Use punches and electric plant to win , be careful when using plant type , against Jynx is better a fire type .

Elite 4 Bruno - Type Fighter / Stone

Onix lv.51

Hitmonchan lv.53

Hitmonlee lv.53

Onix lv.54

Machamp lv.56

Use water and flying punches to win.

Elite 4 Agatha - type Ghost / Poison

Gengar lv.54

Golbat lv.54

Haunter lv.53

Arbok lv.56

Gengar lv.58

Avoid scams normal and fighters against Golbat is better an electric type and Arbok is better against a ground type .

Elite 4 Lance - Dragon / Flying type

Gyarados lv.56

Dragonair lv.54

Dragonair lv.54

Aerodactyl lv.58

Dragonite lv.60

Use punches and ice dragon to win.

Your Rival ( Gary )

If you started with Bulbasaur :

Pidgeot lv.59
Rhydon lv.59
Gyarados lv.61
Exeggutor lv.59
Alakazam lv.57
Charizard lv.63

If you started with Squirtle :

Pidgeot lv.59
Rhydon lv.59
Arcanine lv.61
Gyarados lv.59
Alakazam lv.57
Venusaur lv.63

If you started with Charmander :

Pidgeot lv.59
Rhydon lv.59
Exeggutor lv.61
Arcanine lv.59
Alakazam lv.57
Blastoise lv.63

Having blows fire , electric and water is enough to beat him , other types such as ice, flying and land may also be used

At the end of the game , the main character goes again for all the routes and cities in the game until Pallet. Then choose the option to carry on with the game .
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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 4 End ( english )
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