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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 3 (english)

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 FireRed/LeafGreen Part 3 (english)

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PostSubject: FireRed/LeafGreen Part 3 (english)   Fri May 16, 2014 9:28 am

In this city you will win his seventh badge and you can finally use the fossils that you get early in the game to win the Kabuto / Omanyte and Aerodactyl . Go in a big house on the left - extreme south of the island . This house is a laboratory where ressucitam fossils . See several doors . Among the last to talk with a scientist at the top of the room . Hand fossil and get out of here , go back up to 5 Loading Pokémon and go talk to the scientist again , he will give you the Pokemon fossil . Do the same thing with another fossil ( Helix / Dome Fossil and Old Amber ) . If you go to the gym , you will see that it is locked , then enter the house next door . It is the Pokémon Mansion .

It's not that complicated , but it is well chatinha this part . You will find papers telling the story of Mewtwo , but nothing too impressive. There will be statues that change the way and help or hinder . You will find the Secret Key in order to open the gym . There are also some guys to fight and grab some items . Explore the 1st floor , has some statues that when you talk to them , they open and close their rooms .

Then go up to the 2nd floor and you'll see another ladder , climb if you want , just have a coach there, then come back . Explore the 2nd floor , talk to the statue to open and close the tickets , then go north , left this floor and go up the other ladder above . Talk to the statue to her releasing the path and drop down the first hole to the left of the small room .

Now you will see several plants , a scientist and a ladder . Go down the stairs and enter the small room to the left through a door in the north of it . Talk to the statue to her releasing the path and exit through a door left because the northern door will be locked . Now go to a door that was locked next to the stairs and enter. Climb it until you see another statue . Talk to her and head left . You'll see a table and an item on top of it , is the Secret Key that opens the Cinnabar gym .

Now go back to everything and sitting room to the left of the stairs to lock the path , but the output will be locked and you should return it . Go to the stairs , go down and get off the right of the room where you are . Here are some questions for you to find :

After leaving the mansion , retrieve your Pokemon and go to the gym . Here are some machines that when you talk to them , they ask a question to you , if you answer correctly , you can walk across the room without battling with the coach , if wrong, will have to fight with the coach. But if you want , fight the trainer once, it is good to get you going making money and exp . points . The doors will open so you answered correctly or defeat a trainer in the end come to the leader .

Leader Blaine - Fire Type

Growlithe lv.42

Ponyta lv.40

Rapidash lv.42

Arcanine lv.47

If you picked Squirtle ( which should already be a Blastoise ) will be very easy . The surf here is very good blow . Defeat him to win the Volcano Badge and TM 38 - Fire Blast .

Once you leave the gym , Bill will appear in a small boat ( The first changes in the game that came with the remakes ) . He will ask you to go to the Sevii Islands , and it is logical that you will accept. It is optional if you do not answer , Bill will be waiting at the Pokemon Center Cinnabar . But say yes , we'll cover this part of the walkthrough now . Welcome to the Sevii Islands !

1 On the island you will see a large difrente home, when entering , you will see that it is a Pokecenter , except it has a big machine right side. Later on it can allow you to trade Pokemon compatible with the FR / LG versions . Talk to the guy on the machine ( his name is Celio ) at the Pokemon Center and you will win the Meteorite and the Tri - Pass which allows walk the first three islands . You will also receive a new map with 3 islands , just see in his backpack the Town Mapping The Bill will be here too.

You'll notice that the PC is not working on these islands , if you need to use the PC , go to the harbor which is south of the island and go to Three Island . For now , let's explore the 1st island. You will find a place that gives to surfing , so use surf here and head north and find solid ground. There will be coaches and items along the way . Soon find a cave between . There is a pool that when you stop at the center of your Pokemon are recovered . Talk to the man in front of the waterfall here and you get HM 06 - Rock Smash .

Exit the cave . You should have seen it from the outside had some rocks that blocked an item . Teach technical Rock Smash to one of your Pokemon and he can break these stones ( remember , there after detonated in Rock Tunnel , had these stones ) . Well, now you need to be carrying on your team that has a Pokemon Rock Smash and Strength .

Use following pro surf north to find solid ground again . Arrive at a place called Mt Ember . Fight with the coaches to find , see two Rockets , ignore them for now , a forthcoming visits to the Sevii Islands back here . Follow the path to the left . 'll Find a cave entrance . When you need to use Rock Smash and Strength , use . On top come in a place with some rocks of Strength , positioned as in the image below . Push them in the order indicated by the numbers . You'll find a legendary Pokémon , Moltres is . Prepare your Ultra balls , save the game before the fight , capture it , it will be at lv.50 .

Go back to the port of the island 1 and ask to go to Two Island . . 2 You arrive on the Island Head north of the island , there is a house with a Move Tutor that teaches imperial coups : Hydro Cannon , Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn , which are very powerful , but has the same effect of the Hyper Beam, having to recharge after use . He teaches these scams only to the initial .


If you chose Bulbasaur and Venusaur evolved to , it will teach you the Frenzy Plant.
If you chose Charmander evolved into Charizard and he will teach you Blast Burn .
If you chose Squirtle and evolved into Blastoise , he will teach you the Hydro Cannon .
But for the Move Tutor can teach the blow to their initial evolved , it takes you to put it in 1st place in his team of Pokémon .

Even on the second island , go to the last house on the right - south. There 's a guy who is a friend of Bill . You will discover that a girl ( his daughter called Lostelle ) gone , she's lost in the 3rd island ( and her name already means being lost , Lost = Lose ) ... and you have to save it , then head to the 3rd island ( Three Island ) .
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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 3 (english)
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