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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 2 ( English )

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 FireRed/LeafGreen Part 2 ( English )

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PostSubject: FireRed/LeafGreen Part 2 ( English )   Fri May 16, 2014 9:24 am

Enter the building before leaving battling with everyone inside, do the following : Go to the 5th floor and head south . Has a scientist you must fight him to proceed south . You will see a Rocket that is next to a button . This button is a detail in a square on the floor when you step on it , you are transported to another floor. Step on it and you go to the ninth floor , but do not explore here yet , take a step back and step on the button to go back where I was. Walk down and go right to win the item called Card Key

Okay, now get out there and go back to the 1st floor , then start exploring floor by floor , defeating all what you run into and picking up a few items . If you need to recover your Pokemon , feel free to leave the building and go to the Pokemon Center . If you prefer , the South left the 9th floor , there is a woman next to some beds to recover your Pokemon to . To explore the building , care, those buttons do not tread on the ground , they will tranportar you to different floors and will end up confusing you. You will also see that it has some rooms separated by a different wall , this is actually a gate . Every time you find a gate , talk to the gate and the phrase appears: " The Bingo Card Key opened the door ! " , And the gate will open for you to explore the room inside. Remember that you should not step on the buttons .

After you explore all 11 levels, going back to the third floor and go for a Rocket corredorzinho well below the elevator . Then turn in another corredorzinho left and step on the 1st button away. Walk a bit further and you will see who ? ? Gary . Fight him again , your Pokemon are now much stronger , then you will only fight him again with the 8 insígneas . His Pokemon :

Gary - If you started with Bulbasaur :

Pidgeot lv.37

Gyarados lv.38

Exeggcute lv.35

Alakazam lv.35

Charizard lv.40

Gary - If you started with Squirtle :

Pidgeot lv.37

Growlithe lv.38

Gyarados lv.35

Alakazam lv.35

Venusaur lv.40

Gary - If you started with Charmander :

Pidgeot lv.37

Exeggcute lv.38

Growlithe lv.35

Alakazam lv.35

Blastoise lv.40


After defeating him , talk to the other man 's parlor , it will give you a Lapras . Step on another button to get the small room on the top floor . Go down and fight the last Rocket . Win it and press A at the gate . Giovanni will call you to fight .

Líder da Equipe Rocket Giovanni

Nidorino lv.37

Rhyhorn lv.37

Kangaskhan lv.35

Nidoqueen lv.41

Defeat him and talk to the man sitting on a sofa in the living room . He is the president of Silph Co. He will give you Masterball , the best there Pokeball that captures without weakening the pokémon . In these versions , it is best to use it in one of the legendary dogs will suddenly appear by matinhos Kanto . Now the whole city is liberated , including the gym .

Enter the gym (which is right ) , this gym , to get to the leader it takes stepping out the buttons on the floor. Go stepping on buttons going left or right , look to fight with all the coaches .

Leader Sabrina - Psychic Type

Kadabra lv.38

Mr. Mime lv.37

Venomoth lv.38

Alakazam lv.43

Win - win for the Marshbadge and TM 04 - Calm Mind . Retrieve your Pokémon journey and we will continue

Route 16 , 17 , 18 = These routes are not mandatory because Celadon connect with Fuschia . Here you will find one of the two Snorlax that has the game , he is on Lv.30 . There are no items , just Pokemon and several coaches to face . It is mandatory to have a bike on those routes. I'd rather go this route , because here you will face fewer battles , but also worth the level of your Pokemon ...

Note: After defeating the Snorlax , stand where he was and press A. You will receive the item Leftovers .

Route 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 = These are other alternative routes linking Lavander , Vermilion and Fuchsia . Here you will find water Pokemon ( until now rare in the game ) , but will need the fishing rods found in a house on the route and another in Fuschia . The house is just past the Snorlax , there you get aa rod Super Rod Here is the second game Snorlax . After several coaches will find several same ... If you are lucky you can find Ditto in matinhos these routes .

Note: After defeating the Snorlax , stand where he was and press A. You will receive the item Leftovers .

In Fuchsia There are two things to do, go to the Safari Zone and go to the gym . There is a house right Fuschia you can get a Good Rod But , most importantly, is that you now have a Super Rod . Enter the Safari Zone ( the house is on the north end of town ) . You are bound to find the items Gold Teeth and HM 03 - Surf .

There is a guard at the counter . If you answer that you want to enter, he will charge you $ 500 and you can enter . You receive 30 Safari balls , are used to capture Pokémon Poké Balls inside. You do not need to battle the Pokémon to capture them , when you find a Pokemon in safari , you have 4 choices: run, play food, play rock and Safari play ball . When you enter , follow the instructions below exactly , because you should get the HM 03 and Gold Teeth that are very important items that you only find at the end of the safari . And you can only take 600 steps inside the safari , so do not be walking in there , because when you give the 600th step , you have to leave , and if not with these two items , will have to start all over again .

Entering the safari , check the output to the North right, go right and go up the little hill . Exit through the left side to climb all get another hillock . Climb it and go down the right. Go behind the mound and go left until you reach another exit . You will see two hills . Climb up on the left and exit through his left. Climb up and head north and then right uphill turn left and go down it to the exit. If you go down a bit , you'll see an item on the ground . Is the Gold Teeth . Grab it and head to the left and you'll see a house . Enter and talk to the guy . He will give you HM 03 - Surf . If even with these instructions you are lost , here are the maps :

Now there's more to do in the Safari Zone . Capture some Pokemon to finish the total number of steps and when done , no matter where you are, you will be taken to the house where begins the Safari Zone . When you want to go again , just pay $ 500 more . Below are the Pokemon you find in Safari Zone :

Common to be found in the safari : Nidoran male and female , Nidorina , Nidorino , Paras , Venonat , Exeggcute , Rhyhorn and Doduo .

Rare to be found in the safari : Parasect , Venomoth , Chansey , Kangaskhan , Tauros , Scyther ( FR only ) and Pinsir ( LG in only)

Fishing - Super Rod : Goldeen , Seaking and Dratini . Now if you have a lot of luck , you can until you find Dragonair fishing (more only if you have very lucky , the chances of a Dragonair be fished here is 1% , and you need to have even more luck to capture it , because the Pokemon safari can also escape alone if they wish ) .

Now go back to Fuschia . Has a house right next to the Pokemon Center, enter it and talk to the old man inside, he is the Warden , owner of Safari Zone . Talk to him , that item is the Gold Teeth Denture old , give it to him and in return you will receive HM 04 - Strength . This technique serves to push large round stones . Even has one of those stones inside the house , locking an item , Strength to teach one of your Pokemon and use it in stone , you can push it. The item is there an Rare Candy , for those who do not know , it increases one level of your Pokemon . Your next destination is the gym. Get ready because you will face the leader of the poisonous Pokémon .

The gym Fuschia has a very strange thing , transparent walls , but if you look good , you will realize that you can see them , but nothing that is too complicated ... You can come across a psychic Pokémon , but use your head and win . If you have trouble just because of this invisible wall, below is a map showing the walls of the gym .

Leader Koga - Poison Type

Koffing lv.37

Muk lv.39

Koffing lv.37

Weezing lv.43

Koga is very complicated , it will be very easy you get poisoned . When you win, you will win the Soul Badge and TM 06 - Toxic .

How did you get HM 03 - Surf in Safari and earned a badge from Koga ; you can use this technique surf . It serves for you to swim through the water , therefore , teach surf to one of your Pokemon . Routes 19:20 Fuchsia bind with Cinnabar and you should be able to walk in them for Surf . You will find various water Pokémon and several coaches . If south of Fuschia you stay ahead and use water to surf , you can swim through the water .

If you explore these routes will see that in the midst of them has an island with the cave , they called Seafoam Islands . Here is where you can find the legendary Pokemon Articuno . Toward the end of the walkthrough we talking in more detail about the Seafoam Islands . If you want to explore it now just look " Seafoam Islands " pro end of the walkthrough .

And now you have surf , you may capture another legendary that became available , Zapdos . If you want to try to capture him now , just use Fly to the Rock Tunnel ( rightmost map , after Cerulean ) . Going up a bit you'll see a water surfing, you will arrive at a place called Power Plant , is here where the Zapdos . Here is a power plant , so only find electric Pokemon here , at the end is legendary . More details of Power Plant is also pro end of the walkthrough .

If you want to capture the legendary since you can capture , but our next destination is the island of Cinnabar . The fastest way is to fly to Pallet Town ( his hometown ) and use surf south of the city , following the route through south and arrive on an island .
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FireRed/LeafGreen Part 2 ( English )
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