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FireRed/LeafGreen part 1 ( English )

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 FireRed/LeafGreen part 1 ( English )

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PostSubject: FireRed/LeafGreen part 1 ( English )   Fri May 16, 2014 9:11 am

Walkthrough FireRed / LeafGreen

The beginning is always the same, you are a kid who always dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer , and today came the day to start . Choose the sex of the character , put your name and the name of his rival . The teacher will talk a little more and the game will begin.

You start in your room , as on any version . There have its video game , a bookcase , a bed and computer. Go to the computer and get a Potion item that is deposited there. Then drop down and go through the door of his house . Get out of there and head to the north of the city , which has a way with grasses , but can not leave because someone will call you. Is Professor Oak ( Oak ) . He will mention that it is dangerous to leave a city without a Pokemon , and it will take you to his lab .The teacher will give you the choice between three different Pokémon : the Charmander , Squirtle and Bulbasaur famous . Choose from one of them . The Bulbasaur is a grass and poison type Pokémon , Squirtle is a Water Pokemon and Pokemon Charmander is a fire . Each has a different ability and different stats. After that , his rival will also choose a Pokemon for him . If you catch Bulbasaur , Charmander rival picks , if you catch Charmander , Squirtle rival picks and if you pick Squirtle , Bulbasaur grabs the rival . After all this , the teacher speaks a little more and you are free ... or not

When you get off the teacher's Oak Room , will call his rival to fight ( call Gary 's rival as in the drawing) . Gary always use a Pokemon that gains by its type, but it does not matter in this fight , because no pokémon has a super effective blow yet, so do not worry . When you start the fight , Gary appears on the battle screen .

The teacher will speak in the middle of the fight and will teach you to fight. He will explain everything about the HP and if you hit any of the R or L buttons , a help menu will appear that will teach you everything . The teacher will explain to you what to do , although it is not very difficult . If you win, you will win some money , and get lost, the teacher will explain to you about how you lose money and everything else . Do not worry about losing this fight is not worth anything in the game , just money ...

When you win or lose the fight ( hopefully win ) , you can get out of town ( last adventure ) . Now out of the town has a girl . She will explain to you some things, but nothing too important. You can finally meet Route 1 !

Route 1 ( Route , in English ) is not very important thing , at the beginning of the game , because you will not be able to capture any Pokemon yet, just making level and win an item with a guy . After passing the course , you will get to a new city , Viridian City .

In Viridian there's not much to do now , just go to the store in town , where the lazy listener will simply ask you to make a delivery for him , and deliver it to who? ? Professor Oak . He decided to buy a Pokeball and will be left for those who deliver it ? You. Take it and leave the store because you could not buy anything . Take a passage in the city school if you want, there you will learn things about the game .

After this, go to the Pokemon Center that is different from the past , look for everything and climb the stairs to the room you see the Link Cable. Talk with Nurse Joy to recover your Pokemon and talk to everyone there to learn new things . See the map on the wall and so on . After all that , go back to Route 1, because you must deliver the parcel to Professor Oak .
Now that you 've done everything I could in Viridian , your next destination is Pallet , his hometown . There you will have to deliver the Pokeball and shortly thereafter , Gary will show up in the lab . The teacher will give a Pokedex for each and will give 5 Poke Balls to you and Gary will talk to his sister wants to give you the map . Leave the lab and go in the house next to yours and take the map . Now you must go back to Viridian to continue their journey is just beginning.
There is almost nothing in Viridian , just earning some items . And an old man will teach you to catch Pokémon , but advise you to not use his way . Then the old man will give you a very cool and new item ( Teachy TV) . You can visit the Route 22 out to the left of Viridian , where some new Pokemon will appear , and a fight with Gary that is not mandatory . Gary will have an initial and lv.9 Pidgey Pokemon lv.9 . You'll find Mankey and Pidgey in matinhos here . Then head back to Viridian and exit from there north.

Leaving the north Viridian , will soon find the entrance to a forest . This is the forest of the game , one of the most boring places there . Here's various struggles to face , but the money is too little. Here you will find various Pokemon insects , only one type of electric Pokemon and some items . Capture one of each to help you complete the Pokedex in the future. You will have 5 % chance of finding a Pikachu here , so look well in matinhos . When you leave there, you will arrive in Pewter .

Finally you have arrived in a big city . First of all , go to the Pokemon Center . In Pewter has a fossil museum , but nothing very interesting there, for now . In the future , you can win a Aerodactyl there, but now there's nothing cool. Then, go in the store and recharge your stock Potion , because the challenge is complicated. If you picked Bulbasaur or Squirtle , the fight will be easy . Prepare your team and go to the gym.

Leader Brock - Stone Type

Geodude lv.12

Onix lv.14

The fight will be easy to use aquatic plant scams or scams . When you win, you will earn the first badge , Boulder Badge and TM 39 - Rock Tomb . Now you can leave Pewter , from the right , but a man will stop you at the exit . Do not worry, it will give you the Running Shoes , a very good item , you used to run holding the button B.

Route 3 is full of people wanting to fight , is the entrance to Mt Moon , the first Cave game. You can find Jigglypuff in matinhos . Follow your path until you find the Pokemon Center . Recover your Pokemon and enter the cave .

This is the cave where you will find various items and various Pokémon to capture . The path is kind of boring , but it is full of news . Here you will gain the fossil ( Omanyte or Kabuto ) , and will fight the first Rockets . The cave is not very difficult to pass , but it will take a while. If you played the old versions , you will realize that this cave is a bit more than the other route . In this , you will find sand , supplies , etc. . Inside this cave, if lucky, find Clefairy .

To come out easily , then go tips : Find a staircase on the same floor of the cave entrance , which has a fat man around. You arrive in a passage . Go through it and down the stairs . You will see a ramp . Go down it and you'll see another ramp and Rocket . Fight if you want, and then go up the other ramp and follow the path to the end where you'll see another Rocket . Fight him , and head north where you will see a man with glasses and two strange stones . These stones are the fossils. You 'll have to fight the man , and after that, you'll get one of two fossils , Helix Fossil ( Omanyte ) and Dome Fossil ( Kabuto ) . When you catch one, the man will take the other . Follow the path , go up the stairs , and you 'll see another . Climb this and you left the cave . Will be on Route 4 If you are having difficulty crossing the cave, below are the maps . :

On Route 4 , you will see the first Move Tutor . They teach Mega Punch punches and / or Mega Kick. You will find some items , and has some Pokémon to capture , but its fate is now Cerulean .

Have you ever played the old versions , you might think that this city is huge , but it is not . We will see greater. There is the second gym, and bike shop , but can not get it yet. Pass the Pokemon Center and now you can choose between going to the gym now or later, but let us first in the gym .

Leader Misty - Water Type

Staryu lv.18

Starmie lv.21

If you started with Bulbasaur ( it should already be Ivysaur ) this fight will be easy , because all use water Pokémon . If you have a Pikachu , use it . When you win, Misty will give you TM 03 ( Water Pulse ) and the second badge of the game , the Cascade Badge.
Now that you got the second badge , go to the Pokemon Center and head north because you will be stuck in Cerulean . Realize that there's a policeman in front of a door next to a highway exit. Go to the exit and will have to fight with Gary again. Defeat him to win the Fame Checker and go climbing , you will get out of Cerulean , but many challenges ahead.

Pokémon that Gary will use in battle :
Pidgeotto lv.17

Rattata lv.15

Open lv.16

Starting Pokemon lv.18

Route 24 is the one that takes you to Bill's house . You need to pass the Bill's house to release the outskirts of the city to win the SS Ticket and win a few items and levels with their Pokémon . The island begins with a bridge with multiple challenges worth one Nugget ( item you can sell for $ 5000) . When fighting a thirteen people , you will arrive at Bill's house ( he will be dressed as Clefairy ) . There, you'll have to take his costume ( fiddling with his computer ) for him to give you the SS Ticket . Now you can go back to Cerulean . When you arrive, you will realize that the officer who was in front of the door , is now on her side . Okay, you can come out of Cerulean and may go to the next town .

Get back to Cerulean , get ready , because the game will not be easy. Going forward , the more you move , the more the game will bring you news (no differences between the old and new, are famous news ) . Enter the house where he had a policeman in front , and you'll see that the house was totally destroyed from within . Now get it through the hole in the wall and you will see a Rocket . He will challenge you to fight . Fight him to win the TM 28 - Dig . When you win, you can follow south. You'll see an entry on the right, but could not get in, it has a tree in the passage . Come down and be careful not to fall into Cerulean and have to go back all over again . You'll arrive on Route 5

On Route 5 has a lot to do , but if you want to leave a Pokemon level to win there, you can. Each step you take is equal to 1 experience point . Down everything, you will see a small house and a big house . The large house is the gateway to Saffron , and small is the underpass Vermilion , your next destination . You must enter the small house and through a large hallway , arriving in Vermilion .

Vermilion there are enough things to do. Go to the Pokémon Center and restore your Pokemon , talk to a girl here to get the VS Seeker . Enter the house to the left of the Pokemon Center and get the fishing rod ( Old Rod ) . You should get the SS Anne south of the city , which is like the ships of the other versions , except that you do not travel on it . Come in and explore all cabins , coaches have them , explore the entire ship . At the entrance , in the penultimate cabin has a woman next to the bed , she can recover your Pokémon . At some point will have to fight Gary .

Pokémon that Gary will use in battle :
Pidgeotto lv.19

Raticate lv.16
Kadabra lv.18

Evolved starter Pokémon Lv.20

Win it , and up the stairs . You will arrive at the captain's room. Talk to him to win the HM 01 - Cut . After that, go to the gym , has taught the technique to cut one of your Pokemon and use Cut on a different tree. Enter the gym to fight Lt. Surge . You will see that the passage is blocked by two rays of light . You should go looking for garbage trash in one of them is something that goes a ray of light . When you find , save the game . The other thing that will erase the other ray of light is in the trash on the side , but if you look in the wrong trash, the light turns on again and you can not pass , so it's important to save because if err, bastas back the saved point .

Leader Lt. Surge - Electrical Type

Voltorb lv.21
Pikachu lv.18

Raichu lv.24

If you have a captured Diglett , just use it in battles . When you win, you will win the Thunder Badge and TM 34 - Shock Wave . Once you beat the gym, you will have nothing more binding in Vermilion , but you can make one of the best things about the game: win the Bike.

Go in the house on top of the gym and talk to a man with a mustache and hat to win the Bike Voucher. Then go to Cerulean and enter the Bicycle Shop . Talk to the man in the box to earn his . His next target is to get in and Celadon Celadon , you need to go through Rock Tunnel , to pass easily through Rock Tunnel , you need the HM 05 and HM 05 to win , you need to go to Pewter and closest way to Pewter is the Diglett Cave , but you can go on Route 11 to gain a few levels and capture some Pokemon .

On Route 11 ( right out of Vermilion ) , you will find various Pokemon and several coaches . There is nothing to do here , to not battle the trainers and pick up some hidden items .

Diglett 'S CAVE
The Diglett Cave is a cave that has no items , no coaches , just Diglett and Dugtrio to be captured . She is right of Vermilion . Go through it to get to Pewter . Here , you can go on some events , hitherto prohibited . If you follow the south of Diglett 's Cave , using Cut the trees , you will gain the HM 05 - Flash of a teacher assistant, when you think the scientist is just talk to him to receive the HM . But it only will if you 've caught at least 10 different Pokémon (note: if you had a Charmander and he evolved into Charmeleon , it already captured Pokémon counts as 2 ) .

If you keep going south you will find some items . Use Cut here and will fall again in Viridian . Has a Move Tutor in Viridian ( in the south - left , after you use the Cut ) in your Pokemon can learn Dream Eater. Go back out of the Diglett 's Cave and use Cut to the left and be in Pewter . In Pewter , you can enter the museum for a little house on the right, just use Cut on the North right of Pewter . If you talk to a man standing next to a golden stone , you will win the Old Amber , which hereafter may be exchanged for a Aerodactyl .

Now go back to Cerulean exit (just past that house that was destroyed ) , then the rightmost has a tree to use Cut and arrive next route . The Route 9 and 10 is just the way to Rock Tunnel . There have several coaches , and it's good you struggle with everyone, because the game will start to get difficult now because you will face challenges and grow levels . When you get to the Pokemon Center , retrieve your Pokemon .

The Rock Tunnel is a dark little cave and very boring . You get the HM was 05 on Route 2 , now you will use it to light the way of the cave . There is no way you get lost there, because the way is very easy . If you played R / S , you will notice that some have Rock Smash rocks there, but until you reach the end of the game , could not break them because you only get the HM 06 in the Sevii Islands . You will leave at the end of Route 10 , walk a bit south , you will see the city Lavander , the most mysterious city in the game. If you're still stuck in the cave , here are the maps :

Now there is plenty to do in Lavander , but to pass the Pokemon Center and retrieve their inventory of items in store . You will realize that there is a large tower , but if you go , you will not do very well there . Now you must go to Celadon . Exit to the left to get on Route 08 . Later still back in that tower to cross it without problems , because they will now get only get in trouble .

At Route 8 , you'll earn various levels as it has enough people to fight . You have to prepare yourself , because time does not come an important fight . Soon , they will all come at once , and you will not be able to escape if you want to "finish " the game . But you should find a small house with a ticket to the next Saffron , where you still can not enter secret passage . When you find this passage , go straight past by a wide corridor to the end to get on Route 7 , which connects to the Celadon Saffron . Note: Do not go trying to make the bug Mew that does not work. When you get to Route 7 , just get the left to reach the next town.

The first thing you should do is pass the Pokemon Center , as in any city. The second is to go to the right and climb a short passage , and arrive in a building to climb to the top floor and win an Eevee gorgeous . After that , enter the same building , only ahead to win the Tea empowering their way to Saffron ( at last ) , with an old lady . Now you have two missions , earning the fourth badge and get the Silph Scope in Team Rocket's secret base . What you want to do first? Let's start with the coolest , the fourth badge. The gym is south of the city , use Cut and follow the path .

Erika Leader - Plant Type
[img]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtr119.png[/img ]
Victreebell Lv.29
Vileplume Lv.29

Tangela lv.24

To beat Erika , you use just blows fire (if you chose Charmander or evolved your Eevee into Flareon ) or flying punches (if caught a Pidgey , Pidgeotto which should already be at the beginning of the game ) . Not be too difficult if you use Pokémon to attack first. You will gain the Rainbow Badge and TM 19 - Giga Drain . Exit the gym and recover your Pokémon .
Now comes the boring part , the base of Team Rocket ( below have maps of the base , here I will explain what should be done ) : Go on a house called Game Corner , and find a man in black face plate . It's a Rocket . Fight him and after you beat him, talk to the board. This will make a ladder appear nearby, go down . You will reach a place where there will be another ladder to go down (remember , look to fight with all the Rockets on all floors ) . Go down it and you'll arrive in a room with two plants . More next door has some arrows , is a maze , do not tread the arrow yet, just go down the stairs .

Downstairs you'll find another maze of these below. Step on the arrows and will be taken in the direction they point . When you find a Rocket at the end of the maze , go right to find an item and another ladder to descend . Go down it and go to the place above the floor. You will see a Rocket . Fight him and after winning talk to him again to win the Lift Key

Now go back up two levels pass the maze and look for a lift in the bottom of the base . Enter it and press the ( extreme left - top) buttons to scroll to the B4F . Exit the elevator and go up to find two Rockets side of a door. Fight with the two in order to proceed to Giovanni . Preferably let an aquatic or plant pokémon to fight , it will be easier because it uses Pokémon stone / earth. Use fighters blows against Kangaskhan .

Leader of Team Rocket Giovanni

Onix lv.25

Rhyhorn lv.24

Kangaskhan Lv.29

When you beat him , he will disappear and leave an item, the Silph Scope. Grab it and exit the base. Enjoy what's coming out and use the elevator to go to B1F , fight another Rocket here . Like I said , below are the maps , follow them and all that my explanation.

After all this , you should get the HM 02 ( Fly) . Go out in the far left of Celadon and use Cut . You'll find a little house . Enter and exit the other side to see another house . Enter and talk to the girl . She will mention that you found their secret place and will give you the HM 02 . Ali also has a double battle . Teach Fly to one of your Pokemon and he can fly to any city that has ever visited . Finished Celadon , now comes another annoying part of the game , hehe , do not give up , you're already halfway .

Now you have to do in Lavander , because with the Silph Scope you can see ghosts . Enter the ghost tower Lavander to save old Mr. Fuji , who climbed the tower to try to calm the spirit of a Cubone . Climb up and on the second floor , you will find Gary . He will now have different Pokemon according to your initial. Fight him and win when abating .

Gary - If you started with Bulbasaur :

Pidgeotto lv.25

Gyarados lv.22

Exeggcute lv.23

Kadabra Lv.20

Charmeleon lv.25

Gary - If you started with Squirtle :

Pidgeotto lv.25

Growlithe lv.22

Gyarados lv.23

Kadabra Lv.20

Ivysaur lv.25

Gary - If you started with Charmander :

Pidgeotto lv.25

Exeggcute lv.22

Growlithe lv.23

Kadabra Lv.20

Wartortle lv.25

Go grabbing the items you find and struggling with all coaches to find (remembering that normal moves and wrestlers do not cause damage to ghost Pokemon ) . When you arrive on the penultimate floor, a banshee will not want to let you go up, and will call you to fight . It is a Marowak . It can not be captured , so do not try . When you win the Marowak continue up and you will find a number of Rockets to fight . When you win all , you will see Mr. Fuji . He will take you to their home in Lavander and will give you a Pokeflute , which serves to wake Snorlax , enabling their way to Fuchsia .

Now that did it all, you can choose between two destinations , or Saffron City Fuchsia City . We chose Saffron first because it is the most boring , but you have to go through two, you 're just choosing the order .

Now in Saffron , Team Rocket attacked again. The good thing is that the ultimate challenge against them on the mainland Kanto ( still have seven islands to see them ) . The only vague path is the entrance to the Silph Co. or mini gym, also called Dojo Fights . It is in the north - law of the city . You'll see that it has 2 gyms , the right ( which is the official ) is being blocked by a Rocket (as well as input from various places in the city) . The Fighting Dojo is the gym on the left . Fighting in the Dojo , you will face and when several fighters winning all can choose between earning a Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee , both are a good addition to your team Pokemon .

Now you must climb the Silph Co. and reach rooftop to face Giovanni for the penultimate time . This is the most annoying part of the whole game , I hope you have a good patience now . It is important to explore the entire building , because here is a good place to earn enough money and rising levels of your Pokemon (at this point of the game , your Pokemon should be at least in lv.40 -45 to do well in 2 gyms near , so now is the time to run after the injury ) .

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FireRed/LeafGreen part 1 ( English )
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